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All IV Infusions Take Approximately One Hour, and One Liter Electrolyte Therapy is Included. Feel Free to Choose Your Infusion with Your IV Therapist at the Appointment. Multiple IV Drips May Be Run at The Same Time.

Just The Drip $99

One Liter Electrolyte Infusion With No Added Supplements.

emergen-C Immunity Infusion $199

Big Trip? Feeling Under the Weather? Give Your Body a Needed Immunity Boost With High Dose Vitamin-C, Antioxidants and Zinc.

diesel Fuel IV Infusion $249

Our Emergen-C Hydration Infusion Plus Added Energy Boost of GACLIV Amino Blend and B12.

But Did You Die Hangover Relief


Save the Vacay With A Specialized IV Cocktail of Nausea, Headache Relief and Supplements

The Wolfpack Drip


Our Most Popular IV Cocktail, Also Known as The “Meyers Cocktail”. A General Wellness Blend of Vitamin-C, Magnesium, B12, B-Complex and A Glutathione Push.

Give Me the Detox

Flush Out Toxins and Promote Liver Health with One Liter IV Electrolyte Infusion and High Dose Glutathione.

Beauty Bag $149

Get Your Glow Back and Boost Hair Skin and Nail Health with an Infusion of Vitamin-C, and Biotin.

No Mo Nausea


Feel Better Faster From Home With One Liter IV Infusion and Zofran, Prescription Grade Nausea Medication.

Headcase migraine Relief


One Liter IV Drip With Supplements Geared for Migraine Relief, Nausea Medication, Prescription Grade Medication Cocktail for Fast Relief.

Espresso Shot


Energy Hydration Blend of Six Different Amino Acid Blends, Taurine and B12.

Mellow Fellow


Supplements Such as B-Complex, Magnesium and Benadryl to Get You to Your Happy Place.

Birdie Little Secret


Hangover & Leg Cramp Relief, Energy Blend IV Infusion,.

Swole Mate $199

Amino Acid Blend For Energy, Weight Loss And Athletic Performance.

NAD Infusions


Reap the Benefits of NAD Such as Cognitive Boost, Anti-Aging and Athletic Performance.

Add-Ons & Boosts

Not Seeing a Package That Fits Your Needs? Add a Boost or Make Your Own IV Therapy Cocktail! All Add Ons Can Be Infused Right Into Your IV Fluids!

Direct Vitamin Absorption

Bypass Your Stomach’s Harsh Digestive System and Get the Supplements Right Where You Need It. IV Therapy is the Most Efficient Way to Obtain Vitamins and Supplements.

Medical Professionals

The Registered Nurse will Come to Your Location of Choice, Administer the Chosen IV Infusion and Stay With you Throughout the Procedure.

Rapid Rehydration

IV Hydration is the Fastest Route Of Hydration Possible. Your Body Only Absorbs 20-30 Percent of the Water that You Drink, Rehydrate Yourself the Fastest Way Possible with Direct IV Electrolyte Therapy.