IV Therapy Infusions

IV Therapy Infusions are the Fastest Way to Feel Better, From Home! If you are Sick, Nauseous, Hungover, Have a Migraine or are Dehydrated, IV Drips are for You! Avoid a Lengthy, Expensive ER Visit and Have a Medical Professional Come Wherever you are With an IV Drip Infusion Made Just for You! No Prescription Required. At Coastal Wellness, we Administer Hospital Grade Pain and Nausea Medication.

IV Therapy is Not Just When You are Feeling Sick! Get 100% Supplement Absorption of Supplements Like Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Glutathione, B-Complex, B12 and More! Unlike Other Places, All of the Below IV Infusions Include a 1 Liter Electrolyte Infusion.

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Decide Now or Later, We Don’t Mind! Consult with Your Mobile IV Therapist to Find the Right Mobile IV Hydration Therapy for You! IV Drip Therapies are Formulated During Appointment. Payment Plans Available.

Just the Drip

One Liter of Electrolyte IV Therapy Infusion For Hydration Without the Supplements. Add-on Supplements Start at Only $25! Build Your Own Bag.


No More Nausea

One Liter of Electrolyte Fluid Rehydration with Prescription Grade Nausea Medication. If You Can’t Keep the Medicine Down, it Won’t Work! #IVForTheWin


Orange Juice

High Dose Non-Synthetic Vitamin C! Its Like Orange Juice on Steroids.


Emergen-C Immunity Boost

Ultimate IV Therapy Immunity Boost! High Dose Vitamin C, Zinc, and Antioxidants. Full Liter IV Therapy Infusion.


But Did You Die? Hangover Relief

Full Liter IV Hydration, Nausea or Pain Relief and Supplements Geared to Keep the Party Going!  B-Complex, Glutathione and Taurine. Nausea or Pain Relief Included.


Birdie Little Secret

Golf Much? Try our IV Therapy Infusion Catered to Joint Aches, Leg Cramps, Focus, Energy and Hydration! Try it be-FORE your next round!


The Wolfpack

Ultimate Meyers IV Therapy Infusion Cocktail. Boost Immunity, Mood, Ease Inflammation, Boost Energy Levels.

Magnesium, Vitamin- C, B12, B Complex, Glutathione


Mellow Fellow

Relax, Take a Chill Pill.  A Calming Therapy Relaxation Station Therapy that Comes to You. Magnesium, B- Complex and Prescription Grade Benadryl.


Headcase Migraine Relief

Prescription Grade Migraine Relief, Magnesium, Taurine and Full Liter Electrolyte IV Therapy Hydration. Anti Nausea Medication If Needed!


Beauty Bag

IV Biotin Infusion. Clear Skin, Soften Hair and Strengthen Nails. Clear Skin Imperfections. Full Liter IV Therapy Hydration. Vitamin C and a Heaping Dose of Biotin.


Diesel Fuel

Our Tried and True Emergen-C Infusion with an Energy Cocktail! High-Dose Vitamin-C, Zinc, Glutathione, Energy Amino Blend, Taurine and B12


B’s Knees

All about the Bs! B12s, B-Complex Infusion with Full Liter Electrolyte Infusion.


Swole Mate

Blend of 4 Amino Acids for Performance and Muscle Development. Full Liter IV Hydration Therapy. Amino Blend, Taurine.


Espresso Shot

High Energy Fuel Amino Acid Blend for Ultimate Energy Boost. Aminos, B12, Taurine and Glutathione.


Give Me The D-Tox

Maximum Dose Glutathione IV Therapy Therapy, a Natural Detox Beneficial to Heart Liver and Lungs.


The Musket

Because You’re not Meant to Fire Once!  Try Our Libido Bag, Tri-Aminos, B-Complex, Magnesium.


NAD Infusion

NAD enzymes are found in every cell in your body. Improve focus, mental clarity, slow aging and improve athletic performance.  2-4  Hour infusion.

$399/500mg $899/ for 1000mg

Supplement Add-Ons

Take your Mobile IV Hydration to The Next Level

Substitute or Just Load them Up!


Vitamin C, B12, Zinc, Glutathione, Biotin, B-Complex, Magnesium, Taurine, Aminos Energy Boost

25 Each

 Nausea Medication, Pain Relief, Benadryl, Heart Burn Relief, Vitamin D

30 Each



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