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Weight Loss Injections


Generic Form of Ozempic, is Once a Week GLP1 Peptide Injection That Decrease Appetite and Help You Lose Visceral Fat. Compounded with L-Carinitine for Added Weight Loss Benefit.


Generic Form of Mounjaro, Once a Week GLP1-GLP2 Peptide Injections That Help You Lose Weight, Burn Fat. Decreases Appetite and Slows Down Digestion So You Feel Fuller Longer. Compounded with B12 For Added Energy and Weight Loss Boost.

New! MOTS-C Peptide

Once a Week Cellular Energy Booster Injection and Metabolism Enhancer. Mots-c Is a Great Addition to Your Semaglutide or Tirzepatide Program, Or For Those That Do Not Meet BMI Requirements

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Weight Loss Injection Programs

All Program Time Frames Are From Initial Dosage, Alcohol Wipes, Syringes and Shipping Included, Will Be Prescribed if Appropriate

Semaglutide 10 Week From Initial Dose


5.3 mg Total Compounded with Added L-Carnitine

Studies Have Shown That Patients Lose Between 15-20 Percent Between 1-2 Months

Semaglutide 15 Week From Initial Dose


10.6 mg Total Compounded with Added L-Carnitine

Peptide Weight Loss Injections are The Generic Form Of Mounjaro and Ozempic.

Tirzepatide 6 Week From Initial Dose


20 mg Total With Added B12

Prescribed and Delivered Around 2 Weeks Time.

Tirzepatide 10 Week From Initial Dose


40 mg Total With Compounded B12

MIC-B12 Is Highly Recommended To Help With Weight Loss and Energy

Tirzepatide 17 Week From Initial Dose


60 mg Total With Compounded B12

MIC-B12 Is Highly Recommended To Help With Weight Loss and Energy

Weight Loss Add-On Booster


30 MIC-B12 Injections and GACLIV Amino Blend to Accelerate Your Weight Loss and Boost Energy!

MIC- B12


30 MIC-B12 Injections For Energy, Weight Loss Boost.



30 GACLIV Amino Blend Injections That Provide Energy and Boost Weight Loss

MOTS-C Weight Loss


Weight Loss Peptide Injections With No BMI Requirement. Activate Your Metabolism From The Cellular Level!

How Does it Work?


Fill Out a your Patient Intake form.

A Provider Will Do an Initial Screening


We Will Contact You to Schedule Your Quick Tele-Health Appointment With a Provider.


After Provider Approval, Your Injection Program Will Be Shipped to Your Home From an FDA Regulated Pharmacy.

Do I Qualify For Tirzepatide Or Semaglutide?

To Qualify, You Must Meet the Following Criteria:

live in South carolina

We Currently Only Ship to Addresses In This Region

Have a BMI of above 27

You Must Have a BMI Of 27 with a Co-Morbidity of Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or Diabetes. If Your BMI is Over 30 You Do Not Need to Have a History of Co-Morbidities. Your Provider Will Assess Your Past Medical History and Other Information To Determine if You Are a Candidate.

Looking to Make a Switch?

If You Are Already Prescribed a Peptide Weight Loss Injection, Our Provider Will Be Happy to Provide you With a Consultation, If You Are Looking For a Maintenance Dose, You Do Not Need to Meet the BMI Criteria.